DMC Generator

Generate your own data matrix code with free DMC generator.

Input the desired sequence in text field and press button generate DMC code. Data matrix code generator lets you generate codes of different sizes. DMC generator outputs .png file format.

DMC generator encodes your text, email, webpage into image that can be downloaded for free. When creating data matrix codes you should follow some general rules. The most important rule is “less is more”, because your goal is to shorten your messages as much as possible. Small DMC codes result in bigger module sizes, which effect the readability.

Below you can see good example why you should use short DMC sequence. Both codes are actually carrying same information about the resulting site. The code on the right is encoding more characters which results in bigger data matrix code (20×20). Left data matrix code has only 16×16 fields which makes module size on the same matrix size consequently bigger and more easy to read. The left DMC has every module 25% larger than the module size in right data matrix code.

DMC generator

DMC generator

DMC generator







Once your data matrix code is generated you can simply store the image on your computer and used it in your application. If you need a code of specific size I propose, that you use DMC generator to generate a large image and that downscale it in Photoshop or some other image editor.

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