Data matrix code readers

Which are best data matrix code readers?

There are many different 2D code readers that can read data matrix codes. The fastest and easiest way of reading DMC is installing necessary application on your smart phone. There are lots of data matrix code readers available for iPhones, Android phones and other, but their quality depends mostly on the phones camera and optics. Very important is also the illumination during the scan. When downloading the data matrix code scanner application be aware that most of applications are made for reading QR codes and not DMC code. If you don’t know what the difference between those two 2D codes is you can read it here.


DMC reader on smart phone

As a rule of a thumb iPhone 4S with 8Mb pixel camera is capable of reading data matrix code with module size of 2 mm on a distance approximately about 50 centimeters. The DMC readers are also capable of reading DMC code in wide angles, so reading the DMC from up to 45 degrees shouldn’t be a problem.

The iOS / Andorid applications worth using for data matrix code reading are:

  • i-nigma
  • AT&T scanner

You can easily check the performance of your phone reader by creating a data matrix code on the computer screen and then read it with your smart phone. Website that lets you do this fast and easy is:

When data matrix code scanning is needed in industry of course smart phone reliability is not sufficient. Scanners with high resolution, high speed and integrated illumination are used. The good example is Cognex reader system. The industrial data matrix code readers prices can easily reach up to two thousand €. In most cases readers are divided in stationary/fixed readers and hand readers.

Fixed DMC reader

Fixed DMC reader

Hand DMC reader

Hand DMC reader

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