Lately I had a lot to do with data matrix codes on my job, so I decided that I will try myself in writing a blog and sharing knowledge. It is my first blog so be gentle while I am still learning :). I will try to explain some things about data martix codes, their usage, readability, qualification and compared them to other 2D codes …

Have fun reading!

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  1. Hello,

    Recently, I discovered your website.

    I have to implement the quality verification for DataMatrix Code ECC200 (the decode algorithm is already implemented).

    The standard ISO/IEC 15415 describes the parameters and the procedure how they are calculated.

    Although the standard is precise, it describes this not detail. So, I have still many unanswered questions.
    Some examples:
    1. Create a reference grey-scale image from the raw image. A reference grey-scale image is a result of convolution of the raw image with a small synthetic aperture. The size of the aperture is suggested in the standard. To proceed a convolution for discrete values (in this case, with grey-scale values of raw image), the value of the aperture is also needed.Why is a convolution actually needed? I suppose, it should be done to achieve a grey-scale homogeneity within single modules.
    2. Calculation of Modulation.
    Here, the reflectance of the module is used. But every module consists of many pixels. Which one should be taken?
    You have much experience with Data Matrix code.
    I would be very grateful to you, if you could advise me any websites or forums where quality verification for DataMatrix is explained in detail.
    What I find in Internet regarding this issue, it is mostly product advertising.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards

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